Sunday, April 07, 2013

Who Let The Slobs Out?

Andy | Sunday, April 07, 2013 | Best Blogger Tips

I'm an early bird that likes to wander the neighbourhood first thing in the morning.
This is the kind of things I don't like to see.


  1. Although I love taking portraits, getting out early when no-one is around is a great way to get photos without people and often with great lightl

  2. Unfortunately, we see way too much of this in our travels ... even the most pristine of places aren't immune to the actions of those who have no respect for their environs.

    1. Fortunately this is an easy clean up.

  3. When I was taking out the garbage at work the other day I stopped to clean up a bunch of cigarette packs and Starbucks cups in the parking lot. Our lot backs up to Starbucks and even though parking for them is not allowed there obviously they travel through the lot at the very least. Sometimes on my walks I wish I had thought ahead to bring a small bag for trash pickup, especially in the spring after the snow melts.

  4. I don't get people like that. Last week I saw a person dump trash out of their window...I was shocked. Who does that? She looked like a normal person...wish I had seen her license plate numbers.