Monday, November 17, 2014

Soccer Dome Construction

Andy | Monday, November 17, 2014 | | Best Blogger Tips

The $8.7-million project is a partnership between the City of Pickering and the Pickering Soccer Club. It will be owned by the City and managed by the Club, which is responsible for $4.5 million of the total cost, paying it to the City over the next 15 years. Check out the next photo to see a closeup of the two specks on the roof.


The highest point of the dome is 75 feet (23 metres) above the playing surface, which is almost seven storeys high.

The insulated dome will maintain internal temperatures of 18°C.

The dome is equipped with wind and snow sensors. In high winds, pressure will automatically increase for stabilization. During snow accumulation, sensors will adjust dome pressure and internal
temperatures to allow snow to shed from the fabric.

The dome automatically switches to a natural gas backup inflation pump during power outages.


  1. Thought it looked like an air dome.

  2. Sounds like the residents of Pickering take soccer very, VERY seriously!

  3. That is big. We have something similar here in one of our recreation centre properties.

  4. Vau .. what a great photos. Those men are like a flyes on the roof. Like the last photo very much.

  5. well, it's too bad this isn't the site of the Pan Am Soccer.
    the new Tim Hortons Field is still not quite ready....