Monday, November 03, 2014

The Emigrant

Andy | Monday, November 03, 2014 | Best Blogger Tips

Pier 21 was an ocean liner terminal and immigration shed from 1928 to 1971 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Upon arrival, officials oversaw the screening and completion of the paperwork needed for their access into Canada.


“With this sculpture, I wanted to say ‘Thank you’ to the country that has been my home for the past 48 years,” said Armando Barbon. “Every day, I feel blessed to be here, and I hope with this sculpture I am able to express the sense of hope and opportunity many new Canadians feel.” The monument is a tribute to the millions who left their home countries, and the significant contributions they have made on the history and culture of our country.


  1. Good sculpture dipicting a bit of history.

  2. Darn we were at Pier 21 in August 2013 so we missed this!

  3. That is a wonderful sculpture. Thank you for showing it.

  4. Quite a strong sculpture. I haven't been there in some years, so it's something I'll have to see for myself when I next go out east.

  5. What a wonderful sculpture. Today in the US, immigration or perhaps immigration of brown folks is a problem for many. Unless your ancestors were native we are all emigrants. Tom The Backroads Traveller